The members of this E-Board shall. . .

set out under the Constitution and Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures of this Local via guidance of the Local President to improve upon the wages, benefits and working conditions for the membership. They shall rely upon the other members of the board to be diligent and successful in their duties based on the job descriptions listed below. If the President and E-Board member responsible, via job description below, do not find common ground on any particular agenda item, they must take it to the remaining members of the E-Board for a vote. This shall never circumvent matters that require a membership vote as delineated in this Local’s Constitution and Bylaws. All decisions and votes must be made in the best interest of the membership as a whole.

It shall be the duty of all elected union officers to:

  • Diligently work to enforce and improve the wages, benefits and working conditions for all members of our bargaining unit.
  • Have a vision driven agenda for the long-term sustainability of the membership and their families.
  • Promote and foster relationships between the OPFFA and the International, State, and all Local Chapters, including all other departments and or agencies regardless of union affiliation or charter.
  • Complete all projects, assignments and or tasks within their job description or as delegated by the Union President in a productive expedient fashion.
  • Seek out and self-start projects within their job title to improve our Local and the membership we serve.
  • Enforce strict observance of the Constitution and By-Laws along with the Policies and Procedures as they relate to this Local and the IAFF.
  • Attend all meetings where applicable to their elected position with the various Fire Chiefs and appropriate fire department administrative staff.
  • Attend all union leadership meetings and general membership meetings.
  • Assure that the Robert’s Rules of Order are being followed during all leadership and membership meetings.
  • Make your position on this board and the duties that come with a priority on and off duty.
Board member

Nico Latini


Board member

Chris Wendorf

Vice President of Operations

Board member

Zach Moler

Vice President of Wages and Benefits

Board member

Brad Williams


Board member

Eric Fredrick

Political Director